British Falconry & Raptor Fair

We are delighted to welcome back the newly acquired British Falconry & Raptor Fair to the 2019 Broadlands Country Show.

An event in itself, which has been established for over 25 years, we are excited that the British Falconry & Raptor Fair has found its permanent home at the Broadlands Country Show.

Packed with displays from some of the leading falconers in the field and complemented by a vast range of exhibition stands, the British Falconry & Raptor Fair at the Broadlands Country Show is a must not only to falconers, but for anyone interested in discovering more information on these incredible birds of prey!

Here’s who demonstrating with us in 2019.

  • Mercer Falconry
  • South Wilts Falconry Display
  • Bull X
  • Female Falconers Club
  • Martin Whitley Dartmoor Hawking

Also, a number of falconry retailers, manufacturers, societies and associated products will be in attendance over the weekend. Please see below for a teaser of who to expect:

  • Ben Long Falconry
  • Steve Halsall Falconry
  • JWL
  • Ian Vance Falconry
  • A Clarke Falconry
  • Heritage Hoods
  • Fox Falconry
  • Ancient Art of the Houbarra
  • Silver Fox Falconry
  • Chris Payne
  • Micro Sensory
  • Altawash Falconry
  • TAG Smith