The Broadlands Country Show arrived over the Bank Holiday weekend to the beautiful Broadlands estate. With lots of sporting championship qualifiers taking place, Broadlands also hosted further qualifying rounds in the Chudleys Gundog Championship.

The second and third rounds in the competition welcomed gundog handlers and their dogs all vying for that all-important qualifying spot, with the Grand Final taking place at the Midland Game Fair over 14th & 15th September. Take a look at the results from the 2019 Broadlands Country Show below.

The next qualifying rounds in the Chudleys Gundog Championship will take place at the Highclere Country Show over 26th and 27th May. To get involved in all of the action this season, just turn up and sign up, it really is that simple! If you book your tickets in advance too, you can save, so get your tickets today by visiting

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Results – Sunday 5th May 2019

Pick n Mix

1st       Brian Hartree and Breeze           19:20

2nd      Charlotte Wilkinson and Zulu   21:94

3rd       Steve Cumbridge and Meg        22:74


Duck Distraction

1st       Brian Hartree and Breeze           18:37

2nd      Charlotte Wilkinson and Zulu   19:00

3rd       Julie Walsh and Miss Purd         19:43


Short Fence

1st       Brian Hartree and Breeze           9:31

2nd      Jack Ward and Stella                  9:34

3rd       Kate Clearey and Barley              9:79


Long Retrieve        

1st       Paul Burns and Narla                   20:65

2nd      Richard King and Finn                 21:28

3rd       Brian Hartree and Breeze           21:47


Up n Over

1st       Kate Clearey and Barley              16:44

2nd      Brian Hartree and Breeze           17:74

3rd       Phil Dyson and Fern                    17:88


Novice Retrieve

1st       John Berry and Rocket   20:50

2nd      D. Riley and Zulu               22:38

3rd       Michael Hazell-Smith and Bramble     23:60


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador         Brian Hartree and Breeze

Top Spaniel             Andrew Lines and Echo


Working Test Labradors

1st       Trev Linfoot and Bob       1.06:69

2nd      Phil Dyson and Fern         1.07:93

3rd       Kevin Warburton and Echo      1.08:37


Working Test Spaniels

1st       Jo Bennett and Clover     1.10:13

2nd      Michael Hazell-Smith and Pippin         1.38:24


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador         Phil Dyson and Fern

Top Spaniel             Jo Bennett and Clover


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st       Tallulah Dyson and Willow        57:35

2nd      Jack Berry and Oscar                   65:19

3rd       Amelia Dyson and Boadie          83:25


Junior Working Test – Retriever

1st       Ebony Davies and Ziva                16:43

2nd      Jack Berry and Oscar                   18:42

3rd       Jake Smith and Breeze                18:64 (Qualifier)



Monday 6th May 2019


Pick n Mix

1st       Kevin Warburton and Echo      24:31

2nd      John Berry and Oscar                  26:65

3rd       Paul Burns and Monty                27:82


Duck Distraction

1st       Anne-Marie Jones and Tilly       19:12

2nd      Julie Higgins and Kitty     19:15

3rd       Caroline Bowyer and Cliquot    19:66


Short Fence

1st       Caroline Everett and Esme         9:67

2nd      Trev Linfoot and Bruce               9:68

3rd       Julie Higgins and Kitty                 9:98


Long Retrieve        

1st       Jack Ward and Torr                      21:29

2nd      Paul Burns and Narla                   22:85

3rd       Trev Linfoot and Bruce               23:68


Up n Over

1st       Jack Ward and Stella                   17:66

2nd      D. Bower and Bramble                17:85

3rd       John Berry and Oscar                  17:96


Novice Retrieve

1st       Tony Kilby and Ejit                                   15:04

2nd      Wlliam Day and Ness                   15:94

3rd       Simon Siddons and Tess                        17:15


Scurry Qualifiers

Top Labrador         Steve Cumbridge and Meg

Top Spaniel             Karen Robertson and Skye


Working Test Labradors

1st       Maxine Berry and Vespa                        1.00:34

2nd      Richard King and Finn                 1.02:69

3rd       Keith Welsh and Will. I. Am       1.03:49


Working Test Spaniels

1st       Jo Bennett and Clover                 1.19:98

2nd      Michael Hazell-Smith and Pippin         1.23:84

3rd       Anne-Marie Jones and Tilly       1.37:67


Working Test Qualifiers

Top Labrador         Maxine Berry and Vespa

Top Spaniel             Michael Hazell-Smith and Pippin


Junior Championship Qualifiers

1st       Emily Bowyer and Cliquot          79:81

2nd      Georgia Linfoot and Thomas    83:03


Junior Working Test Qualifier – Spaniel

Indigo Whitaker-Veryard and Buddy